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State Savings Bank specializes in business customers and although many banks say the same thing, this is how we show it.

We Want to Build Your Wealth

The State Savings Bank Mission Statement begins with “You.” Here’s our whole statement: “You are our most valued asset. We commit our resources to help you build wealth.” Whether you have little or whether you have a lot, we have no greater satisfaction than when we can help your assets grow.

We Are Fast, Flexible and Local

Our customers come from central Iowa and we invest in the communities where they live, work and play. We are a small community bank that makes decisions quickly and locally. We do not send off loan proposals to a loan committee in a far off location and wait until their next scheduled meeting for a decision. Instead we work with you locally, make decisions locally, and work with your timeline.

We Understand Business

Business finances are a whole different level of complexity than personal finances. While the basics may be similar, there are so many more moving pieces to manage and business customers need more financial products and services to save time and gain efficiency. We’ve assembled a team of experienced bankers who understand this complexity, know that no two situations are alike, and work to offer the best business bank checking and savings accounts, online banking, lending solutions, cash management solutions and additional services that fit your unique needs.

We Understand Personal Financing

We recognize you have a personal life away from the office. So while we can help you with your business financial needs, we also offer deposit accounts, mortgages, personal loans, IRAs, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and a host of other banking products that you need to manage family finances. Having your business and personal finances at the same place saves time and removes an unnecessary level of complexity in a busy life.

We Build Partnerships

We operate under the assumption that working together is good business. The more we learn about your business and you learn about us, the better equipped we are to offer suggestions to save you time and help your money work as hard as it can for you. Our CEO’s most commonly used phrase is “communicate, communicate, communicate” and we work at that! We enjoy meeting with you at your workplace, at the bank, or wherever it's convenient for you.  We send periodic e-mails specially geared for business customers with timely news and tips about the bank or topics relevant to business owners. In short, serving business customers is always top of mind at State Savings Bank.

We Add Value

Cybersecurity is a top priority with us and we spend a lot of time understanding and mitigating threats to keep your money and personal information safe. We can meet with you or your staff to share knowledge and educational resources to help you keep your business cybersecure. This is just one example of the "extras" you get when you bank at State Savings Bank.  

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