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State Savings Bank consumer online banking provides secure and powerful access to all your accounts. Featured loaded, you can see and sort detailed information about all your accounts and transactions including internal and external accounts such as credit card or investment accounts. You can transfer money between internal accounts, use our money management tool to budget and categorize spending, view detailed information about your credit score, connect your accounts to your Quicken or Quickbooks, access Turbo Tax and more! Best of all, as long as you have an internet connection, you can do it 24/7 wherever and whenever you want.

Our consumer online banking is geared for customers whose accounts are typically for personal or household purposes. If you have both personal and business accounts, you may enroll in our Business banking product.  If you are uncertain which product is best for you, please contact your account manager.

To review our Online Banking Terms and Conditions, click here.

How to Enroll in State Savings Bank Online Banking

Enrolling in State Savings Bank's Online Banking is easy and, in most cases, instantaneous. Fill in a few fields and if all fields match what we have on file, you can access your accounts online in minutes! 

Enrollment and Account Use Tips

  • The enrollment process includes a verification step that requires you to receive an access code by e-mail, by text or by phone. Make sure you can access one of these methods within 30 minutes or the code will expire and you will have to call the bank to complete your enrollment. We recommend you choose phone call or text message for the quickest verification.
  • When you enroll, you will create your own username and password. We recommend you choose a username that is easy for you to remember but avoid using information that can be directly tied to you such as your name, address or phone number as these could be easily guessed. Please make your password unique and strong. It is protecting your money and your personal information!
  • The information you enter on our Secure Sign Up form must match information we currently have on file at the bank. If all fields match exactly, the form will indicate your enrollment was successful and you can access your accounts online as soon as you complete a brief verification process. If there are minor discrepancies, your registration will be placed in a queue for customer service to review. When the review is complete, typically within one business day, you will be notified and can then access your accounts online. 
  • Be sure to access your online banking account regularly. If you fail to access it for six months, your account becomes inactive. After a brief grace period, we will assume you are no longer interested in online banking and your access will be removed. To regain access, you must re-enroll. 
  • Once you've successfully created an online banking account, consider downloading our mobile app for quick access on the go!  

Enrollment Instructions

  1. Locate the green Welcome to Online Banking box on our homepage and click Enroll Now. The Secure Sign Up page appears.
  2. Enter a desired username in the Username textbox.
  3. Enter a desired password in the Password textbox and again in the Retype Password textbox. Passwords must be between 9 and 32 characters and must contain at least: 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number, and 1 special character.
  4. Fill in the rest of the fields. All entries must match what is on record at the bank for the registration to complete instantly.
  5. Verify you've filled out all fields and click the Terms & Conditions link. Carefully read the terms and conditions and return to the sign up form.
  6. Click to place a check in the I have read and accepted the Terms & Conditions of service check box.
  7. Click the Complete Sign up button. If your entered information matches our records, a message indicates your registration was successful and a window appears asking you to specify how you would like to receive a verification code. Note: The verification information that appears is what we have on file for you at the bank. If it is not correct or you need to use a different phone or e-mail address, please edit it so you can receive the access code. The code is only valid for thirty minutes. If you do not complete the verification in that time, you will have to call the bank to have a new code sent. 
  8. Once your form has been successfully submitted and you've verified your access code, you may begin using online banking. 
  9. If something is entered that is a close match, such as typing 123 Elm Road and the bank has the address of file as 123 Elm Rd on file, the application will soft fail which puts it into a queue for the bank to review. A Pending Review message will appear, and you will receive an email once the review is complete. If a critical field such as the SSN field does not match the bank’s records, the application will hard fail and a Sorry message will appear indicating we are unable to process the request because some of the provided information in incorrect. If this occurs, please call the bank for assistance.

State Savings Bank Online Banking is compatible with the latest versions of the following web browsers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Mobile Safari. TLS v1.2 encryption protocol must be enabled.

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