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Online Banking Account Alerts

You can set up account alerts through online banking that let you know when certain transactions happen, such as, when your balance drops below a specified amount or when a specific check number clears your account. These alerts can tip you off to potential fraudulent transactions or remind you of important account activity. Best of all, you can specify how you receive the alert— as a message inside of online banking, an e-mail or a text message to your phone.

From time to time an issue may arise where you do not receive a timely alert. This can be caused by an uncontrollable technical issue on our end, such as a service provider outage, or an issue on your end, for example, changing your e-mail address or phone number, or an issue with your e-mail account. Additionally, please be aware that alerts expire after a year. While alerts are very useful, please do not rely solely on account alerts as an indicator of your account activity or balance. We recommend you frequently check your account via online banking.

Follow these simple instructions to set up an alert!

  1. Log into Online Banking.
  2. Locate the Welcome bar along the upper right and click Alerts.
  3. Click a link corresponding to the type of account for which you'd like to set an alert.
  4. Click the Setup New Alert link.
  5. In the New Alert area, verify that the correct account type is displayed in the Select a Category drop-down list.
  6. Open the Select a Type drop-down list, choose the type of alert you want and click Next. If applicable, the screen may ask for additional information, such as a dollar amount or check number.
  7. In the Send To area, open the drop-down list and choose how you want the alert delivered, and if applicable, enter mobile phone or e-mail address information.
  8. Review your selections and click Finish. The alert you set up appears in the Notify When area. 


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