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What You Need to Know About Mobile Deposit

  • State Savings Bank Mobile Deposit is a mobile banking service that allows you to electronically deposit checks from your iPhone® or Android™ device using the State Savings Bank Mobile Banking app.
  • Devices that have iOS version 5.0 or higher, and any Android device version 2.3 or higher are currently supported. Your cell phone or mobile device must be equipped with a camera, ability to access the Internet and receive email and/or text messages. You may be charged access rates depending on your carrier. Check with your carrier for details on specific fees and charges.
  • To use Mobile Deposit, you must be a current State Savings Bank customer with a checking or savings account. Your loan and deposit accounts must be in good standing, which includes but is not limited to, no insufficient and returned check activity and no Return Deposit Items. You must also be enrolled in Online Banking and have a compatible mobile device with Internet access. If you do not meet eligibility guidelines, you will not see the Check Deposit Icon in the Mobile App. 
  • State Savings Bank offers Mobile Deposit at no charge however mobile data charges may apply. Contact your wireless carrier for details. 
  • State Savings Bank also offers remote deposit options for businesses with large volumes of checks or needing to remotely deposit checks over $5000.00. For more information on this, please contact a Customer Service representative at 641- 227-3161 or 515-457-9533.
  • To use Mobile Deposit, select the Check Deposit icon in the State Savings Bank app. The first time you do so, you will be presented with our End User Agreement, and you must accept the agreement in order to use the service. 
  • Accounts will have a daily deposit limit of $5000 per day and a rolling 30 day deposit limit of $150,000. 
  • Check deposits made through the State Savings Bank Mobile Banking app are protected according to the highest financial industry standards. Security features include: password protection, internet firewalls, and 128-bit encryption. The check images of the deposit do not stay on your phone. Making a deposit with your phone is as safe as using Internet Banking.


Making your first mobile check deposit is fast and easy:

  • Make sure you have downloaded the State Savings Bank app for either iPhone or Android device
  • Log in using your Internet Banking User ID and Password
  • Click the "Check Deposit” icon and, if necessary, accept the End User Agreement.
  • Select the account into which you want to deposit the check.
  • Enter the amount of your check.
  • Endorse the back of your check with “For Mobile Deposit Only” and make sure the payee has signed the check.
  • Take pictures of the front and back of your check.
  • Submit the check for deposit.
  • You will receive onscreen confirmation that your check was received.

A few common errors that may cause your check to be rejected:

  • All images are reviewed for clarity and completeness. If an error is detected, the service will prompt you to retake the photo. To ensure a good photo is taken follow these tips:
  • Use an area that is well-lit to help prevent shadows
  • Place the check on a dark surface
  • Keep your hands clear of the check
  • Remove objects or other items from view
  • Make sure all four corners of the check are visible. Use the guides built into the App to help you line up the picture
  • Position the camera directly above the check
    • Folded or torn corners
    • Front image is not legible
    • Amounts do not match
    • Routing and account numbers are not clear
    • The image is too dark
  • If you receive an error message, it could be because you tried to access account information for longer than 5 minutes in Mobile Banking or your attempted deposit exceeds your $5000.00 per day deposit limit.  
  • If your deposit was accepted prior to 4:00 PM CST, your deposit will generally be available the next business day, unless a hold is applied. We will notify you in the event a hold is applied. You will know that your deposit amount is available when the amount appears in your available balance.
  • Deposits made after 4:00 PM CST or on weekends or holidays, are generally available on the next business day after the day of your deposit, unless a hold is applied. Business days are Monday through Friday except holidays.
  • After you receive confirmation that your check has been accepted for processing, mark on the check “ Mobile Deposited”, “Void”, or otherwise render it incapable of further transmission, deposit, or presentment. Retain the check for at least 60 days. You need to maintain control over and be responsible for the check. Please store in a secure place. On rare occasions, we may ask you to provide the check to us.
  • Please shred the check 60 days after date of deposit
  • Items that can be deposited are checks that are made payable to the account owner or joint owners that have been properly endorsed with “For Mobile Deposit Only”and the payee’s signature.

Items that cannot be deposited:

  • Foreign checks or checks that aren’t payable in US Currency
  • Savings bonds
  • Third party checks
  • Returned or re-deposited items
  • Rebate checks
  • Check that has been previously converted to a Substitute Check
  • Stale dated checks (6 months older than date on check)
  • Altered checks
  • Any check payable to any person or entity other than the owner(s) of the account
  • Checks payable jointly, unless deposited into a joint account that includes all payees
  • Any check that has been previously submitted for deposit remotely or any other method at our Bank or any other financial institution
  • A single check for more than $5000.00 or a check that causes the daily deposit limit of $5000.00 per day to be exceeded.
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