State Savings Bank

We are pleased to share exciting news. Our website address is now Many of you have heard about the .bank internet top-level domain for the banking community. .bank is a trusted, verified, more secure and easily-identifiable location on the internet for financial companies, and the customers they serve.

No changes to our actual bank name, State Savings Bank, or the look of the website has changed; only the “web address” and its behind-the-scenes security enhancements have changed. In the event you forget and type in the old address,, it will automatically redirect to

In conjunction with this change, all of our bank e-mail addresses have also changed. For example, has become The same employee who currently receives an e-mail message will receive the corresponding message. Like the website, if you accidently use the old e-mail address, the message will be delivered. However, any reply will go out on the account.

We hope you enjoy this shorter address and the enhanced security that comes with it.

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