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Account Inquiries by Telephone

We'd love to help you over the phone but in order for us to give you any information about your account over the telephone, you must provide a PIN number. This PIN number is not your debit card PIN number but a separate security PIN set up when the account was opened. If you don't remember your PIN or don't believe you ever set one up, you may send us a secure message through online banking telling us what you'd like it to be. Alternately, on your next visit, please ask to set it up.


Debit Card Fraud Concerns

If you see or hear something in the news about debit card fraud and have a concern, you can call the SHAZAM Fraud Department at 866-508-2693 for assistance 24/7. Please add this number to your phone contact list for quick access. Click here to learn more about debit cards.

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