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Contactless Payments

Upgrade your debit card for Contactless Payments

Safe and Secure Contactless Payments With Your Mobile Phone!

What if you could store your debit card securely in your phone and simply tap a terminal, push a button or ask Siri to make a contactless payment instead of inserting the card into a terminal or handing over cash? Well now you can because State Savings Bank debit cards work with three major contactless payment services.

Contactless payment-enabled debit cards use near field communication (NFC) technology to securely communicate payment information from your mobile device to the card reader. You don't need to carry cash or your physical debit card to make a payment.

Contactless Payments Are Safe

The only thing that touches the terminal is your phone. You do not need to physically insert or swipe your card in a terminal or hand it to a cashier. 

Contactless Payments Are Simple

All it takes is a tap or a wave of your mobile device to a NFC terminal to make a payment. No need to dig in your purse or billfold for cash or to get out your card.

Contactless Payments Are Secure

Your SSB debit card is encrypted in a digital wallet on your phone and the actual card number is never transmitted when making a payment.

Contactless Payments Are Speedy

Contactless payments are tap and go and speed up your checkouts. No longer do you have to insert your card, enter a PIN number and wait for the transaction to complete. And they're faster than cash with no need to wait for change. 

Three Mobile Payment Systems that Work with your SSB Debit Card


Apple Pay

If you have an iPhone, Apple Pay is for you. You can use it to make purchases with your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac.



Google Pay

Google Pay works on both Android devices and qualified iPhones. If you have an iPhone you can use both Apple Pay and Google Pay.



Samsung Pay

If you have a qualified Samsung Phone, Samsung Pay offers contactless payments and also offers cashback earnings and extra rewards on some purchases.




Get Setup For Contactless Payments

Read through the frequently asked questions below to start using your State Savings Bank debit card for contactless payments.

Contactless Payment Frequently Asked Questions


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