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Common Scams

Bank Impersonation Scams

In certain cases, loan information may be available in public records and this information is sometimes used to attempt to sell you a service totally unrelated to State Savings Bank, such as insurance or warranties. We never send out solicitations like this. Shown below is an example several of our customers received. Always carefully read the fine print. In this case the lower right corner says: "All loan information is obtained from public records. Not affiliated with, endorsed by, and information not provided by STATE SAVINGS BANK or any government agency or lending institution...This is a solicitation for insurance and you may be contacted by a local insurance agency." 

If you receive something like this that seems like it is from the bank and are confused or have questions, contact the bank directly by looking up our telephone number here. Do not call the number on the postcard.

Computer Tech Report Scams

Microsoft and other reputable computer tech support companies never never make unsolicited phone calls but that does not stop the scammers from doing so. Typically they tell you that something is wrong with your computer and ask you to allow them to remote in and fix it. Never allow anyone you do not know to remotely access your computer. Read more here about this scam, how to avoid it, and what to do if you fall for it. 

Charity and Disaster Scams

Sadly, many individuals, families, organizations or entire communities experience a sudden unplanned crisis that they are ill equipped to handle. In many cases, people or whole communities step up with fundraisers to help. Unfortunately scammers take advantage of the misfortune of others by soliciting funds that never make it to the victims. Read here how to detect and defend against these scams.  

Phone Scams 

1. The FTC has plenty of examples of scams and encourages everyone to register with the national do not call registry

2. The AARP has a guide of how to handle and detect calls from scammers

3. The FTC also has an online center for reporting scam phone calls.

Social Security Scams 

1. The FTC walks call recipients through how to address calls regarding your SSN.

2. Listen to a recording of an actual social security scam call

Phishing Scams

1. The FTC shares the red flags that could be indicators of a fraudulent text or email.

Unemployment Benefits Scams

1. The FTC shares how to determine if a scammer is collecting unemployment benefits in your name.

2. The Iowa Workforce Development website offers a place for victims to report suspected unemployment benefits fraud.

Utility Company Scams

1. The FTC explains how to identify utility company scams and how to determine whether a call from your utility company is genuine or fraudulent.

Oh No! I May Have Made a Mistake. What should I do?

If you think you may have already given money or personal information to a scammer, contact us right away by scrolling to the bottom of our fraud prevention page and filling out the contact us form! We may be able to put in place measures to protect you from further financial harm.

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