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Debit/ATM Cards

Our EMV secure chip debit cards are available with all our checking accounts and can be used anywhere MasterCard® is accepted to purchase goods and services. Debit cards can also be used at ATMs to withdraw cash.

ATM cards are available to customers who only have savings accounts. These cards cannot be used to purchase goods or services but provide a convenient way to access your savings anytime without having to come into the bank during business hours.

We participate in the Shazam Privileged Status program allowing you to use the ATMs of other Privileged Status participants, with no surcharge. 

Shazam Privileged Status LogoContact a customer service representative today at 515-457-9533 (West Des Moines) or 641-227-3161 (Baxter) to get started with a hassle free debit or ATM card.


Important Information for Debit Card Users

  • We impose a $500.00 per day limit on your debit card as a fraud control measure. If you need to make purchases over that limit, please call the bank and arrange for your limit to be temporarily raised.
  • When you travel, please call us to ensure your card will work in the locations you plan to visit.
  • Shazam monitors card usage around the clock and may attempt to call you if they detect something of concern. Please add Shazam Fraud Department 866-508-2693 to your telephone contact list so you can see if they attempt to call you.
  • If your debit card is lost or stolen, please call our office at 515-457-9533 or 641-227-3161 as soon as possible. For after-hours assistance, please call 1-800-383-8000. A customer service representative from SHAZAM will assist you. 
  • If you hear something on the news about fraud and have a concern, please call the Shazam Fraud Department at 866-508-2693. They answer 24/7 and will assist you.


Additional Debit Card Security

Because State Savings Bank are part of the Shazam network, you can use the Shazam Bolt$ service to:

  • View balance information for a debit card's primary account
  • Set up transaction alerts
  • Receive suspicious transaction alerts
  • Temporarily block future transactions on a card


Visit the Shazam Web Portal to set up a Shazam Bolt$ account. Mobile users can download Shazam Bolt$ at the Apple® App Store or Google Play™.

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