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Elder Abuse Awareness


June 15th we commemorate World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, a day in which nations around the world recognize this growing concern. It is crucial to know the many forms of elder abuse, including physical, emotional, sexual, neglect and financial abuse. Seniors are particularly vulnerable to financial abuse due to factors such as cognitive decline, isolation, and dependence on others for assistance. With awareness, education and proactive measures, seniors can protect their hard-earned money and safeguard their financial wellbeing. 

Our bank employees are trained to notice warning signs of financial exploitation and elder abuse like unusual recent withdraws or a new person accompanying the senior customer to the bank - behaviors that may identify whether or not a customer is vulnerable or a current victim. 

How to recognize Elder Abuse Red Flags

FS-ISAC - The Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center is not-for-profit organization that works to reduce cyber and physical threats to global financial systems protecting financial institutions and the people they serve. They have provided a Security Tips Newsletter to help us recognize and stop elder abuse. 

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