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Customer Account Takeover

Customer Account Takeover is a form of identity theft where thieves gain access to a person's bank account and then use it to initiate fraudulent transactions. This can occur in a variety of ways, including tricking victims into revealing account information by impersonating a person of trust, or downloading malicious software by visiting an infected website. This can happen to anyone, consumers or businesses.

Helping our customers keep their accounts safe from cybercrime is a top priority at State Savings Bank. Use the educational information on this page to learn more about this growing crime and how to avoid being a victim.

Understanding Business E-Mail Compromise


What Is Social Engineering and How Do I Detect and Stop It?

According to the SANS Security OUCH! newsletter, "Cyber attackers have learned that often the easiest way to steal your information, hack your accounts, or infect your systems is by simply tricking you into making a mistake." Click here to read the article and learn how this happens.


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