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Business Online Banking

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Meet Your New Business Partner, "BOB"

State Savings Bank understands that running a business has a lot of moving parts. Having your business and personal financial information available 24/7 on any device is essential. State Savings Bank's Business Online Banking (BOB) is a powerful and secure cash management tool that delivers just that! 

  • View any account you own— business or personal with your BOB login
  • View and sort detailed account information including transactions, statements and check images
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Issue stop payments
  • Originate ACH files
  • Setup single and recurring bill payments
  • Allow your employees unique security access and transactional rights to specified accounts based on job function or need to know
  • Choose between hard tokens or digitally-stored soft tokens for user authentication
  • Access your account anywhere on any device, your home or office PC, your mobile phone or your tablet

Meet "ROB"

Businesses that do not need specialized cash management capabilities or custom security accesses may choose to use our Retail Online Banking (ROB) product rather than BOB. ROB allows you to see all of your personal and business accounts, however, you will not have access to some of BOB's powerful features, including the ability to limit who can see and perform transactions on specific accounts and the enhanced security of token authentication. If you operate a business and are uncertain which product is best for you, please contact your account manager.

Due to the security access complexity and token authentication required for BOB, you must contact the bank to enroll for and configure Business Online Banking. 

Business Online Banking is compatible with the following web browsers: Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and mobile version 11, Google Chrome 38 and higher, Mobile Safari versions 5 and higher. TLS v1.2 encryption protocol must be enabled.

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