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Customer Testimonials

"I am truly blown away by the personalized service we receive from State Savings Bank. This bank feels like a friendly small town bank with all the amenities of a big bank. I'm so glad we found this gem right here in West Des Moines."

- Danielle S.

"I can remember the days when my grandfather would say that he needed to go talk to the banker before he purchased seed corn or bought an implement. What he meant was that he had someone who he could trust to help him with the farm finances, and most importantly, someone who would not try to sell him something to make a quota or get a bonus. He always credited his banker as being the key to getting him through the late 70's and early 80's because he helped him avoid taking on too much debt. At State Savings Bank, I know that I have a "banker" like grandpa did, and that they will do what is right for me rather than what will meet a sales quota." 

- Tom H.

"My experience with SSB has been exceptionally good. Everything is always done in a timely manner, and the employees are a joy to work with. I would highly recommend SSB to anyone and everyone. Great people!"

- Judith T.

"Above the bottom line, the piece of mind I have banking at State Savings Bank is invaluable. Thank you for taking care of your customers."

- Grant W.

"Through the good years and the bad, State Savings Bank has always been there for me ready to help. It is special to walk in and be greeted by name. Even more special to be treated with respect and gratitude - the same manner in which I try to treat my customers in my business."

- Sheila C.

"I have been a customer of State Savings Bank since before they opened the branch in West Des Moines. It is fun to deal with people who know you by name and treat you like family.  I always look forward to stopping in to visit with my “Friends at the Bank.”

- Jeff F.

"State Savings Bank has been a reliable and responsive business partner to me for the past eleven years. I know exactly who to call and enjoy doing business with a local community bank that supports my financial needs every step of the way."

- Matt W.

"The bank's bill pay has been very user friendly. It saves our small business time and money."

- Spenser J.

"SSB has been extremely helpful to my small business as we were looking at ways to refinance our real estate debt. We also love the convenience of online access."

- Daniel K.

"I have worked with several banks over the years on personal, business, and farm projects. I could not be more pleased than I have been with the ease of transactions at SSB and the responsiveness of your staff."

- Brad V.

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