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SSB Gives

One of the defining qualities of a community bank is rooted in the word “community.” Community banks gather deposits from, lend to, and support the communities where they operate. This is why you see the State Savings Bank name and logo attached to charitable events and economic development activities, why you see us supporting local sports, participating in fundraising opportunities and joining local service clubs and organizations whenever we can. 

When You Bank With Us, You're Part of the Good Things We Do

We are able to invest in our community because of the trust and business of our customers, to whom we owe our existence and success. 2019 marks State Savings Bank's 125th anniversary, which began in Baxter, Iowa in 1894. In honor of this milestone, we invited our customers to help us celebrate by including them in this year's community giving. In addition to our customary giving, we offered $10 to 125 customers to use for good in our community and we couldn't be happier with their response. Watch the list grow as our customers help us give back to local people and organizations.

Photo of a $10 giving pamphlet to share with others in the community for good.

Together We Can Make a Difference in Our Community

  • We went downtown to the World Food Festival and walked through the Sculpture Park. It was a rainy day and a lady was sitting on a park bench in her raincoat. I walked over and explained that our bank was celebrating by giving out $10.00 and that I had chosen her. She could either keep it for herself or pass it on. She introduced herself and shook my hand and told me that she was homeless. I was then inspired to give her what money I had in addition to the ten dollars, (it was only five dollars.) She was very appreciative and it humbled me. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. -T.C
  • Yesterday my son and I participated in the Community Giving Project. With the $10.00, we bought diapers and wipes and brought them to donate to New Directions Shelter. New Directions Shelter provides free, temporary, emergency shelter and services for Iowa’s homeless families with children. Thank you for this opportunity! -S.R. and M.R.
  • Such a neat thing to be a part of! My $10 bought coffee for the 2 cars behind me in the Starbucks line! The world needs more kindness!! -N.B.
  • I've been a customer at ssb for several years. Love the down-home atmosphere and pleasant customer service. With the $10.00 you gave me to do an act of kindness, I chose to do a few things. With $5.00, I bought a few people at work something from the breakroom to cheer up their day. With the other $5.00, I bought 5 lotto tickets to give to 5 random people. I thought instead of just one person benefitting from this, I'd spread it out. Again thank you!!! -T.P.
  • I delivered bags of sugar to Waukee Area Christian Services on 1155 SE Boone Drive in Waukee. Everyone believes just because Waukee is a growing community that there is not a need for food, but even in Waukee, there are people looking for food. People should not be going hungry in Iowa. -T.W.
  • I passed my $10.00 to Dollars for Scholars. -H.W.
  • I'm giving my $10.00 to Single Parent Provision. -B.B.
  • I put my $10.00 in a note and gave it to my mail carrier. -K.K.
  • I gave mine to a women's shelter. -J.G.
  • My wife's co-worker recently lost a close friend to suicide. We used our $10 to donate to the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) in his name. -A.S.
  • On my lunch I went over to the grocery store and purchased food to help supply the DMARC Food Pantry. Making a difference in your community doesn’t have to be an elaborate gesture. It can be as simple as taking 15 minutes out of a lunch break to help provide meals for families in need.  -R.N.
  • I bought donuts for a West Des Moines Valley High School "Best Buddies" event. Best Buddies pairs high school students with special needs students for social activities. -D.L.
  • I used my $10 dollars to buy a package of onesies and some baby blankets and used some scraps and creativity to add a special touch to each. I donated them to West Des Moines Human Services which provides assistance to families in need. -C.D.
  • I donated five out grown Halloween costumes to a local elementary school and gave them my $10 to supplement the costumes. They use the costumes for students who do not have a costume to wear to their class party. -P.N.
  • I donated my ssb $10 to Furry Friends and matched it with $10 of my own. -J.M.
  • I went through a coffee drive up that I had never been to before and had no idea what some of the items were. The lady helping me was so nice and patient, taking time to tell me about the options. When I went to pay, I saw a sign that said, "tips welcome." After I paid for my coffee, I handed her the $10. She of course thanked me, but her smile said it all. -D.M.
  • I gave my $10 to the Hy-Vee fund raiser for the Skiff Cancer Center in Newton. -D.Q.
  • I contributed my $10 to Carson King's Venmo campaign which raised three million dollars for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. -C.B.
  • I've decided to give my $10 to the DMARC Food Pantry which provides food to 14 food pantry sites in the Des Moines metro area and will match up to $500 other donations brought to the bank for DMARC to increase the impact. -D.K.
  • I had a contest in my Hope Kids Wednesday night class of 10-year-olds to see who could be the most respectful for one evening. The two 10-year-olds who won the contest were given the responsibility of donating the two $10 bills my husband and I had been given by State Savings Bank to the Wednesday night Mission offering which is going to Habitat for Humanity. The class had already decorated lunch bags that are going to be used to serve lunch to the Habitat for Humanity volunteers that are building 6 new homes in the River Bend neighborhood this fall. In addition to the six new homes, volunteers will be providing repairs to 40 existing homes. This is a culmination of Hope’s Lenten Project: Hope Lives Here where $798,179.31 was raised for Habitat for Humanity. The 10- year-olds were so excited to be a part of this larger project and to make a difference in our local community. Thank you to State Savings Bank! -K.E.
  • I gave my $10 to a young woman who looked like she was having a rough day and could use the cash. She was very appreciative and her smile said it all. -A.S.
  • I have a coworker whose son has Spina Bifida. I contributed my $10 to the Spina Bifida Walk-N-Roll fundraiser held in October. -R.H.
  • I added a little extra and sent your $10 up to the Baxter food pantry to help someone from the area have a nice Thankgiving dinner. -D.
  • My young daughter and I gave my $10 to two young ladies trying to buy food at a gas station.  Neither of their debit cards were working to process the transaction and they had no other form of payment.  They looked upset and unsure of what to do.  I walked over to them and discretely handed them my $10 bill.  I asked them if that was enough and they nodded so my daughter and I left the store.  The girls found us in the parking lot and were very appreciative.  They both thanked us numerous times—one even gave me a hug.  After they walked away and  I was buckling my daughter into her car seat, she asked me why I gave the girls my money.  I simply told her that they needed it and that we need to help others when we can.  There are so many needs in our community.  Thank you SSB for reminding us to help others when we can, set good examples, and to always be kind. -J.P.
  • My grandchildren go to St. Francis School. I gave my $10 to their "Meals from the Heartland" fundraiser. -J.M.
  • I gave my $10 to St. Boniface where I attend church. They have a local outreach that helps those in our community that are 'just getting by'. -C.S.
  • I gave my $10 to the Central Iowa Shelter & Services where I volunteer to serve lunch, especially on the holidays when they have a greater need for volunteers. -J.R.
  • I gave my $10 to the food pantry where I sort donated food once a month. -J.H.
  • My son and I used our $10 to buy an appreciation gift for his teacher at Woodland Hills Elementary School. -K.S
  • With the $10 I was given by SSB, I paid for lunch for someone who recently had major surgery. Thank you for the opportunity to celebrate the 125th anniversary of State Savings Bank by doing an act of kindness in their name. -C.K.
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