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'Tis the Season for Giving

Posted on December 4, 2016 at 7:34 AM by State Savings Bank

As a community bank, we believe in being a relationship-based financial institution. Our customers are our most valued asset. If we want our customers to invest in us, we have to invest in their communities. Our staff members at State Savings Bank take pride in finding various ways to support local organizations, charities, and environments. Here, you can read the personal accounts of a few employees and the various ways they choose to give back.


John Slayton

Loan Processor – West Des Moines Branch

John SlaytonAfter reading an article about the desperate state of beekeeping in the United States, my wife and I decided this could be an avenue of positive work in healing our environment and giving back. Our conviction in undertaking an apiarist’s work was further cemented when we took a beekeeping course offered by the Iowa State Apiarist and learned of the multitude of benefits that bees and other pollinators have on the food industry and more broadly, wildlife flora. We purchased four hives our first year, and by summertime had doubled our hive count to eight. We are entering this winter with twenty hives, and are looking to grow even more. The satisfaction of knowing we are helping counter some of the destructive habits of humanity and beautifying the areas around us makes all the hard, hot work a little bit sweeter; sweet as honey.


Rick Helps

Vice President/Commercial Loan Officer – West Des Moines Branch

Rick HelpsA few years ago I was reflecting on my life and how lucky I’ve been and felt a desire to give back. So I joined 100 Men on a Mission and it has been a perfect fit for me. This organization consists of a group of local men from all walks of life and different backgrounds. Together we strive to give $40,000 annually to charities and organizations in the Des Moines metro area. The idea is to give locally and make an impact we can see right where we live. It’s gratifying to think about how many lives we’ve been able to help over the years by combining our efforts through this organization.



Larry Opfer

Vice President/Ag & Commercial Loan Officer – Baxter Branch

Larry OpferI grew up in Southern Iowa in the early to mid 70s. My mother was my 4-H leader and she was the first female leader of a boys club in the state of Iowa. I am very proud of that and I value all that I learned as a student in 4-H and FFA. After I graduated, I learned how much work there is to putting on a county fair. It takes the commitment of many adults to provide the facilities and organize all the events. I started working at the Jasper County Fair in 1991 and I continue supporting the Jasper County Fair to promote the same opportunities I had as a youth. Since my employment with State Savings Bank, the bank has joined my efforts by providing financial support to the fair. Our combined efforts support educational opportunities for Jasper County youth. State Savings Bank supports the Jasper County Fair by general advertising, co-sponsoring the Brice Leonard Supreme Showman competition, and purchasing various items and livestock at the auctions.


Giving to You

Our passion for supporting the community extends to you. We are committed to giving personalized solutions for each individual who banks with us. If you would like to set up recurring charitable giving to something or someone you care about, we would love to help you track and organize your contributions! If this interests you, make sure to check out the Track Your Giving post on our blog, where we outline tips for hassle-free giving and highlight other helpful resources.

Always remember that we are here to equip you with all the right tools and answer any questions you may have, no matter how big or small. Follow us on Facebook for educational resources, news, and updates! If you’d like to set up an appointment, give us a call at our West Des Moines location: (515) 457-9533 or at our Baxter location: (641) 227-3161.

My experience in doing business at State Savings Bank has been nothing but good and My Banker and good friend Larry Ophers Contributions of giving go a lot further than the Jasper County fair. Thank all of you for being there!
Todd Gorman | 12/9/16 at 6:19 AM
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