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We Resolve in 2017...

Posted on December 18, 2016 at 7:02 AM by State Savings Bank

At State Savings Bank, we would all agree that anytime is the perfect time to start setting financial goals or resolutions. However, the New Year brings about a sense of ambition, excitement, and optimism for many people wanting focus and a fresh start. So, let’s “bank” on that!

If you don't know where to start with making financial resolutions, these personal goals from our staff might give you some inspiration.


Aaron SpoonerAaron Spooner

Loan Officer




Life changed for the better for me when I got married in June. I have three financial goals I’m hoping to accomplish in 2017.


  • After spending all of 2016 saving for a down payment, I plan on purchasing my very first house
  • For the first time in my life, I hope to meet my yearly maximum allowable Roth IRA contribution in 2017
  • College was expensive! In 2017, I want to make a large dent in paying back my federal student loans

Cindy De GlopperCindy De Glopper

Information Security and Marketing Program Manager




My husband is already retired and I’m creeping closer myself. We have a big task to accomplish in 2017.


  • We plan to get all our financial, insurance and other important estate documents together in one secure location
  • We plan to make sure that our designated estate executor knows where and how to access these important records

Dan Flaucher

Dan Flaucher

Vice President / Ag & Commercial Lender




Our family moved to Baxter in 2015 when I came to work for the bank. Big moves bring to mind other changes to consider. In 2017 I have a long list.


  • Restart my Christmas Club account
  • Update my Personal Financial Statement
  • Review my life, auto and home insurance coverages
  • Review my investment accounts
  • Take a look at my will to see if there are any updates needed
  • Try to add to my emergency fund
  • Establish a vacation account
  • Eliminate at least one credit card or loan in 2017


What Are Your 2017 Financial Resolutions?

Whatever your age or stage of life, thinking about financial goals is always important. Remember, if you want help setting money-related goals, we’re here to help! Visit one of our bankers and we can discuss what specific, attainable resolutions you can make that will be measurable and timely on your financial journey! If you need additional ideas or help call us at 641-227-3161 in Baxter and 515-457-9533 in West Des Moines. You can find our locations and hours You can find our locations and hours here..

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